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The Journey to Cloud

Nearly two thirds of companies report they have not achieved their expected cloud benefits. Quanta brings together experience, technologies and services that allow enterprises to transform their business, capture market shifts and deliver results inside their own  company and with their clients.

No Servers, No Clusters, Just Containers

Lower your cloud spend by 80% while delivering 100% availability on production workloads. Deploy Containers without worrying about infrastructure management while gaining deep visibility and dramatically optimizing costs.

No VMs or Clusters

Frees you from having to pick specific instance types, administering servers, and optimizing cluster utilization.

Auto Scaling

Autoscaling based on your Containers requirements. It also scales down to zero when resources are not needed.

CPU, GPU & More

Automatically spin up CPU or GPU based on the Containers needs to support General Purpose and AI/ML workloads.


Enhanced Cluster topology view & container level monitoring.

Up to 80% Savings

Make use of proprietary price prediction technology to deploy reliably onto SpotInstances.

Always On

In the event where Spot Instances aren’t available, we fall back to On-Demand Instances and will opportunistically revert back to Spot Instances when possible.

Auto-Healing Monitoring

Advanced dashboards to track the Kubernetes cluster utilization and efficiency.

Cloud Savings

Lower your cloud spend by 80% while delivering 100% availability on production workloads.Using predictive algorithms,  to leverage SpotInstances (AWS) and Low-priority VMs (Azure) with absolutely no risk of downtime. No architectural changes are required so start-up is immediate, and billing is usage-based.

Save Up To 80%

Leveraging your cloud providers’ excess capacity costs up to 80% less than on-demand instances.

Usage-Based Pricing

No license required. Charges are based on cloud usage.

Utilize Your RI's

Finds all unutilized Reserve Instances (RI’s) and prioritizes reservation usages prior to launching Spot Instances

Easy to Start

You will be running in less than 10 minutes. No changes are needed to your existing architecture.

Auto Scaling

Automatically increase or decrease instances in your cluster to meet your application demand based on your business rules and metrics.

Always On

In the event where EC2 Spot Instances aren’t available, fall back to On-Demand Instances and will opportunistically revert back to Spot Instances when possible.

Prediction & SLA

Predictive algorithms to identify and drain Spot Instances that are about to be“interrupted” by the cloud provider. Prior to termination, automatically and transparently transitions applications to the least expensive available Spot market or On-Demand instance with absolutely no downtime.


Enterprise Grade Cloud Management

A highly intuitive dashboard to manage your multi-cloud enterprise environments.A platform that enables IT, security, and finance teams to manage their cloud ecosystem with confidence as their cloud infrastructure scales. From managing expenses to optimizing resources to securing the cloud infrastructure, delivering visibility and control across your cloud environment.

Cost Management

Provides cost allocation, spend optimization, invoicing and chargebacks. Custom reports and alerts ensure governance and accountability.

Security & Compliance

Total visibility across cloud infrastructure enables protection for activity monitoring, turning insight to action while meeting compliance demands.

Asset Management

Cross-account dashboards provide sophisticated reporting for enterprise-wide inventory based on tags, geography, function and more to proactively optimize workloads.

Resource Utilization

Provides summary and detailed usage statistics for resources across AWS, Azure, andGoogle Cloud to right-size and scale services efficiently.

Self Healing

Saving money, time, and effort to increase operational efficiencies with automated actions for your cloud.

Consumption Pricing

Pricing scales with consumption. Enterprise accounts start at 2.5% of your monthly bill before volume discounts.

Best Practices

More than500 best practices are checked and automated to reduce risk, improve performance & availability, save money, and simplify cloud management.

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