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Quanta specializes in Cloud Solutions that accelerate your business success. We combine the best consulting and tools to bring the right solutions to the right problem to achieve the right outcomes.

IT Solutions

Azure Cloud Services

Leverage the value of Microsoft Azure to accelerate your business using on-premises, hybrid, multicloud, and edge technologies.

Azure Data Analytics & AI

Modernize your data estate and create the next generation of applications to drive employee productivity and delight customers.

Network Infrastructure

Seamlessly connect your employees, customers and data with a modern LAN/WAN infrastructure that scales to your business growth.

Elastic Resourcing

Our staff is your staff. Scale up your IT resources as needed to meet the ever-changing demands of your business on a global scale.

Azure Cloud Services

Leverage public, private and hybrid clouds to accelerate your data modernization journey. From strategy through implementation and optimization, Quanta Networks will help architect a solution that fits your business objectives.

Discover how to maximize the value of your data to grow your business, improve employee performance and delight customers.  Whether you need to simply migrate a few business workloads to Azure or overhaul your entire data estate, our cloud experts will combine the best on-premises, native cloud, and hybrid cloud services to deliver results:

Azure Infrastructure

Leverage the best compute, storage, and security solutions to modernize your data network both on-premises and in the cloud.

Microsoft Azure provides scalability, availability, and security. Focus on building applications and make your job simpler by surfacing performance insights through embedded intelligence, scaling without limits, and managing security threats.

Azure Data Estate Consolidation

Build and modernize intelligent cloud applications in Azure and migrate expense legacy database workloads to lower-priced options to cost effectively scale as your business grows.

Choose from fully managed relational, NoSQL, and in-memory databases, spanning proprietary and open-source engines, to fit the needs of your business.  Quanta Networks will help you choose from a wide variety of database options.

Data Analytics & AI

Digitally transform your business to gain a competitive edge, motivate employees and inspire customers. Unleash transformational insights with the right blend of data analytics, machine learning and AI.  Quanta Networks can deploy Microsoft Azure analytics, machine learning and AI solutions to gather, store, process, analyze, and visualize data of any variety, volume, or velocity.

Quanta Networks will help you choose the best combination of Microsoft Azure services to drive new insights from your data:

Azure Databases

Take care of scalability, backup, and availability with a wide choice of Microsoft Azure database services.

Azure Databricks

Securely store all your data in a simple, open lakehouse so you can unify your analytics and AI workloads.

Azure Data Factory

Integrate all your data with a fully-managed serverless data integration service using Azure Data Factory.

Azure Purview

Manage and govern your on premises, multicloud and SaaS data with Azure Purview, a unified data governance service.

Azure Synapase Analytics

Query data and use serverless or dedicated resources at scale to digest and serve data for immediate BI Needs.

Azure Machine Learning Services

Automate and boost productivity across your organization with Azure machine learning services.

Azure AI

Build and deploy your own AI solution through Azure AI, a portfolio of AI services designed for developers and data scientists.

Capture Insights That Drive New Business Decisions

Explore the data you collect to find new variables that change your perception.  Use machine learning and AI to better understand your customers, competitors, and employees.  

Azure analytics and machine learning tools help you capture new insights to seamlessly innovate your business based on the data you already own.  Leverage the information you have to transform and modernize your business.

Enhance Decision-Making

Decision modeling and intelligence based on your real-time and batch data will help guide you in making the right decisions.

See The Future

Insights from your data can help predict the future.  Azure analytics and machine learning are the tools that allow you to see and test future methods to modernize your business.

Ideation Drives Growth

Innovation from your data is your secret weapon for driving growth.  Use your data to pick new markets, new products, and new revenue streams.  Innovation also helps you stay ahead of the competition.


Connect your organization with a modern architecture that enforces security, encourages productivity, and enhances your employee and customer experience.  Transform your LAN and WAN networks to keep pace with modern applications, employee hybrid workspaces, and data needs.

Quanta Networks helps your company move mission-critical information across your network on time, every time. Historically, network connectivity was measured by SLAs.  Today it is about helping organizations remain competitive in the marketplace, bringing products to market faster, and deploying key initiatives that improve employee productivity and delighting customers.

Hybrid workforces, unique workloads and specialized devices are forcing networking leaders to find new ways to enhance the user experience while enforcing security and encouraging productivity. Quanta Networks helps organizations deploy connectivity architectures that meet the needs of a distributed enterprise.

Apply reliable networking and security policies across your hybrid architecture
Boost employee satisfaction and enable higher productivity using collaborative workspaces
Optimize hybrid connectivity for local and remote workers and customers
Leverage usage data to enhance visibility into network performance root-cause analysis

Elastic Resourcing

Matching the best talent to fill your staffing needs.Delivering the right talent in an elastic model to quickly scale up or down depending on your every-changing business needs.

Pre-screened Resources

Technical knowledge pre-checks and verified background checks will accelerate onboarding steps.

Broad Technical Skillsets

Networking engineers, developers, database programmers, project managers, and executive consultants. Our staff can meet your needs.

Flex Bench

We manage a global network of staffing resources across 160+ countries. Local and off-shore options along with onsite teams to get the job done anywhere you need resources.

Predictable Rates

Save time and money with rate cards and volume discounts designed to reduce your overhead costs. Let our team scale up and down to meet your changing needs.

Ideation Drives Growth

Innovation from your data is your secret weapon for driving growth.  Use your data to pick new markets, new products, and new revenue streams.  Innovation also helps you stay ahead of the competition.

Global Smart Hands

Lower overhead and accelerate deployment timelines and incident resolution.

Leveraging our diverse pool of technical resources, your company will more quickly deploy new equipment installations and refreshes anywhere you have offices, facilities, or customers. Additionally, our incident response services will augment your support team to remediate problems in locations where you don’t have resources.

Service Delivery
Global Help Desk
Project Management

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