Coronavirus – Cloud Availability and Cost Management

With the brick and mortar world shutting down due to Covid-19, our lives have literally moved online. With many applications and services running in the cloud, there is a massive strain not just on internet bandwidth, but also on cloud compute resources. Evidence of this can be seen by the EU asking Netflix and YouTube to stop streaming HD content, Microsoft reporting an 800% increase in cloud consumption, and Zoom (which runs in part on AWS) seeing their daily users more than quadruple.

Even under normal circumstances, ensuring high availability while driving cloud-cost efficiency, can be challenging. With Covid-19, this has become much more complex and for many companies, a mission-critical task, as more traffic and usage doesn’t always translate into more revenue.

During this period of time, understanding how to best leverage cloud compute capacity and working with solutions that automate and optimize workload provisioning, is essential.

Challenges with managing lower-cost reserved capacity and spot instances during Coronavirus

Typically, many companies looking to reduce costs will turn to long-term commitment, compute-pricing options such as reserved instances and savings plans. However, with Covid-19’s impact still unknown, financial lock-in for 1 or 3 years can be a risky proposition without comprehensive management.

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