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Consulting & Staffing to accelerate the growth of your business

Services and staffing for start-up and veteran companies looking to scale quickly and connect with new customers.

​​Elastic business consulting resourcesto help your company scale.

Market Validation

The right target with ​the right message at​ the right time​.

Product Validation

The right features with ​the right solution at​ the right price​.

Sales Enablement

The right model using​ the right method with​ the right incentives​.

Business Funding

The right options for ​the right goals with ​the right outcome​.

How we Deliver our Business Services

Market​ Validation​

Market/Industry: Raw research to validate you are targeting the right market/industry.

​​Issues/Problems: Raw research to validate you are solving relevant issues recognized by your target market/industry.

​​Demographics : Get to know who is going to buy your product and how to make strategies accordingly.

Marketing Planning: Generate a solid market readiness overview for your business.

Marketing Approaches: Evaluate the benefit of establishing a FMA (First Mover Advantage) vs. A 2nd generation entry into the market. ​​

Marketing Methods: Evaluate if either the Freemium or Gamify product offer model apply to your business ​


Fit/Form/Function: Raw research to determine if your product will meet the need of the industry/market.

MVP: What would be the MVP for your startup business and how to build it.

Early Adoption: Get to know the Early adopters, Iteration methods and How to capture "Low hanging fruits" for your startup business.

​​Price vs. Value: Pricing your product based on actual value.

Pricing : Evaluate if a "Loss leader pricing" strategy is right for your business.

Unique Value: Identify the Unique Selling Proposition (USP’s) that makes your product & startup business different from others. ​


Customer Behavior Modeling: Create a customer model that is applicable to your startup business. ​

Customer Acquisition & Retention: Create a strategy for your market, customer and products.​

Direct vs. Partner Sales: the CLV based on which MRR/ARR/IRR can be analyzed & predicted for your startup business.  ​​

Market vs. Sales Qualified: Apply processes for targeting both lead types for sustainable sales growth.​​

Sales Forecast & Pipeline: Apply successful methods for managing your sales and planning success.​

MRR vs ARR: Monthly and Annual reoccurring revenue models​.


Investor Options: Evaluate bootstrap, crowdfunding, SBA, professional investors & sweat equity for your startup business. ​​

Coaching: how to manage burn rate, cash flow (positive or negative), churn rate & IP (Copyright, Patents, Trademarked) for your startup business.​

Pitch Deck: Aide in building a compelling pitch deck & Business Plan.

Investor Interviews: Help Prepare and rehearse with business plan and pitch deck​​.

Partner Term Sheets: Coaching, review and negotiation help with investor term sheets.​​

Valuation: Help with valuation basis and analysis for later stage start-up businesses.​