Webinar Replay: Reallocating Operational Cloud Budgets to Fund New Projects to Drive Company Growth Initiatives

McKinsey & Company has outlined new executive expectations for using cloud and this webinar outlines a sustainable plan for achieving these new milestones. C-Level executives are expecting more value from cloud since COVID-19 and this webinar will provide answers on how to upgrade the use of cloud in your company to meet your senior executives’ new expectations and save money.

Learn how NetApp and Quanta Networks have teamed to enable your company to gain more value from your cloud initiative and hear from our panelists on how other companies have reallocated their cloud savings to fund new corporate projects.


Brad Garsten, Quanta Networks, LLC
Co-Founder, Managing Principal & Cloud Evangelist

Jeff Dickey, NetApp Inc
Chief Technologist, Office of the CTO, Public Cloud Solutions

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